About Jake

Jake Gariepy is the founder of Dapper and Dreamy - a design company specializing in paper goods for museum and historical site gift stores.  His work is often based on historical buildings and fashions as well as botanical images.  Jake's products are sold at museums including Hillwood Museum, The Sixth Floor Museum and The National First Ladies Library.  He has also been commissioned to create images for special exhibitions at Hillwood in Washington, DC ("From Ingenue to Icon" exhibition) and Christmas ornaments and cards for board members and donors at Evergreen Museum in Baltimore.

Jake and his wife Melissa, a skilled dollmaker, are the parents of eight children (seven boys and a girl!) and work out of their studio in a century-old farmhouse in Eugene, Oregon.  He is the author of three books, "Seven Boys and a Girl", "Severine" and "A Christmas with Queen Mary".

To learn more about Jake and his work, please contact him directly at jakegariepy@yahoo.com.  You may also be interested in visiting Jake's blog Dapper and Dreamy.

Dapper and Dreamy...  Jake and Melissa Gariepy

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